Yammer is a private company social networking site. Businesses can create different groups that bring together people across departments and projects.

Yammer encourages frequent and open communication between members of a group by using the familiar social network look and feel familiar to most people. For example, a project team can create a group for that specific project. Yammer can also gather together resources for the project as it can include notes, documents and updates. The open discussion style encourages lateral communication rather than the top down approach seen in traditional project management. Open and frequent discussion exposes problems at an early stage and provides real time feedback to managers on the status of the work being undertaken by the group.

Yammer also has the ability to extend the group outside the company. Other stakeholders such and partners, clients and vendors can be included in discussions and even collaborate on documents. Including external parties where appropriate speeds up the communication process and further improves the productivity of the group.

One of the important benefits of using Yammer is that the content is included in Office 365 searches. Snippets of information that are lost over time are no longer a problem when using Yammer and are easily found using Office 365’s powerful search tools.

If you are interested in exploring Yammer further please give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss all the various collaboration tools available within Office 365 and help you choose and implement the best ones for your business.