Swire Oilfield Services

"When Swire Group acquired the Western Australian company that became Swire Oilfield Services (WA), they were already being supported by Bizcare IT Services. Bizcare had already supported that company through its growth from 3 users to a headcount of about 45. After getting to know the team at Bizcare, and seeing the professionalism of their approach, we have been happy to continue to work with them as our local IT outsource partner. They have assisted with the migration of the WA operation into the Swire Global network and have provided a solution to the needs of our remote office in Karratha." - Rizal Siam, IT Manager, Asia Pacific

Black Gold Solutions

“Before we engaged Bizcare our IT infrastructure was unreliable, even though we had a newly installed server. As soon as they came in, the guys from Bizcare were professional and methodical. First they stabilised our existing systems, so we could operate our business, then they carefully analysed our systems and determined our actual requirements. Finally, on our approval, and over a series of stages, our systems have been migrated to a robust, modern, properly supported configuration. Most recently Bizcare has helped us move to a cloud-based offsite backup solution. We are very happy with the ongoing support we receive from the team at Bizcare.” - Vesna Sarich, Director

City Stay Apartment Hotel

"The team at Bizcare has provided our IT Support needs for a number of years. They have assisted in implementing the specific needs of the business, such as controlling guest access to peer-to-peer services and social network sites. I have always found them to be a professional, technically competent, and friendly organisation." - Geoffrey Davis, Owner/General Manager

GLH Contracting

"Bizcare has been supporting our IT for many years, during which time the business has greatly expanded; we have moved office, and opened remote locations. Throughout this period Bizcare has assisted us to optimise our IT investment in order to service our increasing needs. Now we have multiple offices, with multiple servers and networks that need to be maintained and kept in synchronisation. Bizcare ensures that our IT environment is serviced and secured for today, and helps us to plan for our needs to come. We are happy to recommend Bizcare IT Services" - Christine Darling, General Manager and James Stewart, Operational Manager

Arch Engineering

"Bizcare has ably supported our IT systems for a number of years. Most recently they have developed an intelligent solution to get us the fast, stable, internet connection we require, even though our local exchange and the copper network puts us in a "slow zone". They have also put in a fully automated off-site data backup solution to address our data security requirements. We are happy to recommend them to others with similar requirements." - Chris Harris, Administration Manager