Meetings and Calls

Skype for Business adds additional business features to the free Skpe that you may already be familiar with. The number of meeting attendees increases from 25 to 250. Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) is available during and outside of meetings. Audio and video calls can be recorded. Files can be transferred in IM. There are advanced meeting options such as polls and Q&A.

Best of all, Skype for Business is included in Office 365 business subscriptions.

Microsoft Office Integration

Micrsoft Office Integaration

Skype for Business is integrated into many of the Office applications. You can schedule meetings in Outlook. You can see your contacts online status from within the application and start a conversation without leaving Word or Powerpoint.

The ability to contact a colleague for advice or discussion while actively working on a document is much more productive than leaving that task to start a conversation in the Skype client.

Managed For You

Security is important when using Skype for business purposes. Conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption.

Bizcare will manage employee accounts and features to make sure only authorised employees can access sensitive calls and meetings.