Company History


Our story begins back in the year 2000 when Snap Printing, a franchising company, formed a new company called Scream Savers Pty Ltd. This franchise organisation had a number of franchisees operating in the Perth metropolitan area for a short time before being purchased by a partnership formed by three of the franchise owners.

The business model of the company was quickly changed from a franchisor to a standard company with employees. At the same time the customer focus changed from home and small businesses to small and medium business. After a few years of successful trading the focus again changed to transform the company to a Managed IT Services provider. During this period the trading name was also changed to Bizcare IT Services to better reflect the services provided.

Bizcare continues to adopt technology developments as they appear. An important part of our role as technical advisors to our clients is assessing and recommending appropriate technology. Over the last few years this has resulted in migrating many of our clients to full or hybrid cloud solutions.

We will continue to assimilate the ever increasing pace of technological change and offer new services as they become relevant to small business. The Internet of Things (IoT) is just one example of an emerging technology that has the potential to change many industries. Autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, virtual reality are just three more potentially disruptive technologies that are already a reality.

We can't tell you exactly what IT will look like in the future, but we are sure that it will be an exciting journey. One that we would be delighted to share with you.