Backup monitoring is a critical component of a managed backup service. Bizcare continuously monitors your backups to make sure that systems and data can be restored. The monitoring occurs at different stages in the backup process.

Backup Software Monitoring

The StorageCraft ShadowProtect agent that runs the backups must be working for any backups to take place. Our monitoring will raise a ticket in our service desk if any of a number of different error conditions prevents a backup running as scheduled. Similarly, ShadowProtect ImageManager verifies and replicates backups to offsite datacentres and must be running at all times when installed. The monitoring service will raise an alert if this service is installed but not running.

Backup Image Validation

Backup files are validated as soon as they are produced. Continuous incremental backups are validated on a regular schedule to make sure that the backup chain is intact. Offsite backup copies are validated separately to the primary onsite backup files. All validation failures produce a ticket in our service desk for investigation by a technician.

Monitoring Technologies

Backup Monitoring

Bizcare runs a backup monitoring server to monitor all managed StorageCraft backups. Each StorageCraft backup solution that we install consists of at least two software applications. ShadowProtect performs the actual backups, ShadowControl communicates back to our ShadowControl server to report the status of the backups. Some installations also include ImageManager to verify, consolidate and replicate backups. ShadowControl will also monitor ImageManager if it is installed.

An example of the ShadowControl dashboard is shown here.

All failures and warnings produce a ticket in our service desk which is then investigated by a technician.

Secondary Backup Monitoring

Backup are so important that we have a second method of monitoring that does not reply on the ShadowControl server being online. This method uses our Managed IT Services tools to read the Windows event logs and raises a ticket for any errors or warnings logged by the StorageCraft products. Again, all tickets are investigated to see if any corrective action is required.